Branding Culture Central Saint Martin’s are located in England at a place called London. It’s built on granary building and was initially made to store grain for London’s Baker. Later on was used as offices and library and, therefore, needed a lot of daylight. The light was therefore inserted into the centre of the building … More CSM


Public/Private This lecture is about private and public spaces. Before I learnt about this, I should know about Egalitarian Liberalism and Neoliberalism. First of all I will talk about these. Egalitarian Liberalism was focus on economic activity, thereby reducing unemployment and deflation. To success and develop economy, public money had collected through taxation. And Neoliberalism … More Public/Private

Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf Visiting Canary Wharf was very interesting for me. This was the fist time to visit there. I heard the area of Canary Wharf is modern and lots of companies are located there. Before, I visited Canary Wharf, I searched and read about the place. It is Docklands. Docklands is new town in London … More Canary Wharf

The Modern Las Vegas Casino-Hotel: The Paradigmatic New Means of Consumption

Brandscapes I got a reading called “The Modern Las Vegas Casino-Hotel: The Paradigmatic New Means of Consumption”. Actually, this book is pretty difficult to understand to me. So, I tried to read more and more and tried to read other books about McDonaldization. Ritzer made the word of McDonaldization in his book “The McDonaldization of … More The Modern Las Vegas Casino-Hotel: The Paradigmatic New Means of Consumption


Westfield Visit Our class was visited the shopping centre called ‘Westfield’. Before we went, we were asked to read about McDonaldization and rationalization. The American sociologist George Ritzer defined McDonaldization as process of ruling the world. That means, it maximized the standardized system and mass production of rationality. (내일신문, 2016) McDonaldization is kind of paradigm. … More Westfeild